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How does the technology work?

  • The case has a slim generator inside that charges your phone when you crank the handle.  The generator connects to the phone through the 8-pin port.

How much power does it make compared to plugging in the wall charger?

  • Cranking fast makes more power than cranking slow.  If you keep the green light on the back of the case glowing consistently, then you are charging as fast as a wall charger.

Can this case generate power any time of day?

  • Yes.  You can generate power day or night.

How does this technology compare to solar powered phone cases?

  • This technology is much more powerful than solar charging cases.  Solar charging needs a large surface and direct sunlight to generate useful power.  This can be useful for "spot charging" when you are traveling or when other power sources are unavailable.

Instructions for use:

1. Install by pressing the phone into the case and inserting the 8pin connector into the bottom port.



2. Unfold the crank arm from the back of the case.  Pinch the crank handle knob, and extend it away from the crank arm to gain a better grip.  Hold the phone securely in one hand, and the crank knob between the thumb and pointer finger of the other.  You can crank clockwise or counterclockwise.  Fold the crank arm back into the case when done.

  • Keep the green light on the back of the case lit. 
  • A blinking green light indicates that you are cranking too slowly.

Power conservation tips to help maximize charge results:

  • Activate Low Power Mode in Battery Settings (only in IOS ®9 and above).
  • Turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, and Personal Hotspot.
  • If cellular data is not needed, activate Airplane Mode. 
  • Close all App’s you may have running in the background. 
  • While crank charging your phone, press the power button so that the screen turns off.
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